About Us

In the summer of 1996 after seeing a need for quality production work, Mr. E. Joseph Daniels decided to form Reelph@t Media Group. Mr. Daniels, being a very skilled musician, pulled in other musical genius to offer his community a full scale company that handles all pre and post production needs within one entity. After 23 years of expertise, the Reelphat Media Group has released and charted six gospel projects along with, assisting over 40 performing artists and 60 separate projects have been recorded and produced, in house. Musical styles ranging from R & B, Gospel, Jazz, Rap, to CCM, Mr. Daniels has been at the helm of musical craftsmanship that has such a unique signature and sound it makes Reelph@t Media Group stand out in an ever involving music industry. Reelphat Media Group continues to make this possible and stays viable by upgrading the facility with top of the line production equipment yearly to keep up with the demands of the industry.

Our C.E.O. Mr. E. Joseph Daniels, who’s affectionately known as either, “Jody” or “Reelph@t,” is the primary producer and the chief recording engineer. This Ohio native has been a force to be reckoned with since he first sat down to play drums at the age of 5. Without any prior lessons, he instinctively added rhythm behind every note sang and chord played, thus starting his musical journey. Today, he is fluent on 5 different instruments.  Jody’s motto is to remain relevant as a musician but have the musical insight to produce each artist that stands before him in excellence. Living by these principles allows Mr. Daniels the amazing proficiency to captivate the minds of the most astute listeners. Mr. Daniels is currently registered with ASACP as a songwriter and publisher. He can compose, write, arrange, perform, record and master recordings and is a proficient scholar yielding his knowledge to groom others in these areas.

Reelph@t has worked with the likes of, the world renowned Ohio Players to Gospel royalty such as Shirley Caesar. He has acquired such an expertise in music to cater to each artist that is placed before him, causing a sound to be created worth taking notice of. To add even more creditability to Reelphat Media Group, on staff is 2 time Grammy award winning producer, Billy Beck of the world renowned Ohio Players. Mr. Becks credits range from creating lifelong hits with the Ohio Players, Roger & Zapp, Shirley Murdock & Pop Staples causing millions of units to be sold worldwide while offering timeless music that is still heard on the airwaves to date. These two producers create musical fetes with grooves that stir you and lyrics that saturate your very essence. Their musicianship is that of exquisite character. Mr. Beck is a classically trained pianist, accomplished vocalist and also, one of the premier artists on the Reelphat roster.

Music is the central lexicon that affixes all mankind together. RMG’s goal is to ameliorate the world through their musical prowess, mastery and excellence, creating legacy to be left behind for generations to come.